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Barrow Buddies

This year, we have buddied up a Year 6 child with a Reception child. They will be each other's buddies throughout the year and will help each other to grow. Our Year 6 children will show the Reception children 'The Barrow Way' so they can flourish throughout their time at school and form friendships through playing and learning together. 


 Thursday Playtime: Year 6 play with their buddies in the Reception outdoor area.

Thursday Afternoon: 10 buddies read together in our school library each week.


Every half term the children complete a 'big activity' together. These are designed to further both year group's curriculum learning or develop their understanding of world events and festivals. 


Last half term's activity: Year 6 created an orienteering course based around Reception's book 'We're going on a bear hunt.'

This half term's activity: Christmas craft making.

Yellow Mental Health Day - PSHE Talking Session

Barrow Buddies Reading