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Character Development


At Barrow United Reformed Church (URC) Primary School, character development extends to embrace a diverse Christian perspective rooted in the Reformed tradition. Children and staff are encouraged to explore their faith, fostering a sense of inclusivity and openness to different theological viewpoints. The curriculum incorporates teachings from the Reformed tradition, emphasising themes such as justice, equality, and community engagement. Character development is enriched through participation in collective worship , where children learn about the importance of social justice and caring for others. By integrating these values into the school culture, our URC primary school seeks to develop compassionate, socially aware individuals who embody the principles of the Reformed tradition in their character and actions.


We trust our website provides insight into our 'Barrow Way' of character development for our children. We take immense pride in our school family, firmly convinced that our approach extends beyond academic. We are dedicated to nurturing each child to reach their fullest potential, firmly believing in fostering qualities that transcend the purely academic, guiding them towards becoming the 'best that we can be'.