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Time capsule from 1876 unearthed at Clitheroe Primary School

Thursday 5th May


The BBC visited school today to find out about the history of our school...

A 145-year-old time capsule, containing ten coins and a rolled-up newspaper, has been discovered in the foundations of our primary school.

The glass jar was found "by complete accident" while workers renovated the chapel at Barrow URC Primary School in Clitheroe, Lancashire, built in 1876. 

The artefact had been placed inside one of the chapel's foundation stones.


You can watch the full News broadcast by clicking on the link below.

BBC Time Capsule Gallery

Food Bank Donations

6th October 2020


Thank you to everyone for their food bank donations. Beech Class have helped to sort through all the items ready for their collection today. 




We are even in the newspaper...