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Curriculum Statement

At Barrow URC Primary School, we are extremely proud of our bespoke curriculum and what we offer to all our children throughout their school journey. Our Curriculum intent sums up our commitment and passion to help our children truly 'become to best that we can be.'


Rooted in God’s love, we will grow and learn together through the delivery of an enriched and creative curriculum. We are passionately committed to developing happy, well-rounded children who can reach their full potential with the skills, knowledge, and experiences to achieve their dreams.


Our Curriculum drivers help to drive and shape our curriculum and are incorporated across all subjects and themes. Our Drivers are:



We need you! 


To bring our curriculum to life, we will be getting the children to act in a role, taking on various jobs throughout the year and topics. Our children will become Hydro biologists, electricians, festival planners, journalists, product researchers… the list goes on.

To make this even more meaningful, and support children’s aspirations for the world of work, we would like to have a pool of people in the community who we could invite in to do short talks or Question and Answer type sessions with the children.


This doesn’t have to be your job, it may be a topic you are very knowledgeable about e.g sailing, fossils, World War II, the coal area, plants, etc. it may be you have something you could bring in and share with the children to support their learning.


If you feel that you would be happy to be put in our ‘pool’ please can you email or catch me on the yard. Please let me know your name, relation to school/child, and job/topic/items to share. We will then get in touch when the time is right!