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Enrichment Opportunities

Prayer Garden


We are very lucky here at Barrow to have this delightful Prayer Area in our outside space. The children can sit in here at playtime or lunchtime for a quiet moment of reflection.

Worship Areas


The school hall and all of our classrooms have worship areas where the children can be at one with God. They can also reflect on the week's big question in a peaceful and calm space.

World Religion Week


During World Religion week, we have been thinking about how all religions and faiths are equally special and important. We have been learning how we can all work together to make the world the best place that it can be. We have also been learning about the similarities between many of our World Religions. 


This term during our RE lessons, every class has learned about a different World Religion and we have all visited a special place of worship or welcomed a special visitor into our school. 

Oak Class enjoyed visiting Clitheroe URC Church as they learned about stories that Jesus heard. They learned about the different symbols used in Church and also looked at some of the stories from the Bible.

Larch class had a very exciting morning when they visited Clitheroe Mosque. They met the Imam and learned about what happens when Muslims attend Mosque. They learned about the rituals that Muslims follow and also how Muslims pray.

Sycamore Class will be visiting the Synagogue after half term- watch this space for photos!

Rowan Class had a very fun morning exploring the URC Church, Clitheroe and learning what makes it different to other Christian Churches.

Willow Class had a fascinating morning with their visitor, learning all about Buddhism.

Beech Class had a very exciting morning during their Hindi experience. They learned all about Diwali and other special festivals as well as eating some delicious food. They also enjoyed receiving Henna patterns and creating different Rangoli patterns with Mrs Singh. After all of that they joined in with some very creative Hindu dancing with Mrs Porter. Many children and adults also wore traditional Hindi clothes.

Special Worships

Reverend Michelle 

We love inviting Reverend Michelle each week to deliver worship

Prayer Circles with Reverend Darleen

School Communion- We were very lucky to experience a URC communion in school. We had bread and juice, the same as what would happen in Church.

Christmas Experience 2022. Every class went on a practical journey of the Christmas story. Thank you to the URC for helping us with this!

The Nativity

Barrow Carol Concert


Christmas decorations for refugees - Sycamore class made 60 angels for the Ukrainian refugee families being supported by the URC.

Sunday Church Visits.

Children, families and staff from school are invited to the weekly Sunday service at Clitheroe URC Church.


Classes are regularly invited to join in with readings and songs- all are welcome!


Beech at the URC Church Service