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Inclusion and Equality

"Love your neighbour as yourself." - Mark 12:31


Inclusion and equality are two key aspects of primary education that are of utmost importance in Barrow. Every student in our school deserves equal opportunities to learn and grow, regardless of their backgrounds, abilities, or experiences. As a community, we take a proactive approach to creating a nurturing environment for all learners, ensuring that no one is left behind. One way we do this is through pastoral support.


Our teaching staff and support teams work tirelessly to create a welcoming atmosphere where every student feels valued and supported. We strive to identify and address any needs or challenges faced by our students, helping them to overcome barriers to success and fostering a culture of inclusivity. We believe that through inclusion and equality, we create a stronger, more vibrant learning community.


We celebrate diversity and unique perspectives, recognising that our differences are what make us stronger as a whole. By prioritising pastoral support and promoting a culture of acceptance and understanding, we are helping our students to become well-rounded, compassionate individuals who will go on to make a positive impact on the world.

To ensure our children are emerged in a curriculum that promotes culture and diversity we have developed our 'Cultural Awareness Calendar'.


Every year, we hold our annual celebration of diversity and culture - this is more commonly known as 'Barrowfest'.  Visitors from the local community, run workshops for the children and immerse them in a variety of experiences where they can learn about both culture and diversity.  The children are certainly looking forward to Barrowfest 2024, which will be held on Thursday 24th May 2024.


Please visit the SEND section of our website for more information and contact details. 

Our Nurture Hub 

Promoting the Protected Characteristics at Barrow


We work to ensure that our children understand that:

  • There are no outsiders at Barrow
  • Everyone is different
  • We celebrate our differences
  • We are all equal in our differences

The Equality Act became law in 2010. It covers everyone in Britain and protects people from discrimination, harassment and victimisation. Everyone in Britain is protected. This is because the Equality Act protects people against discrimination because of the protected characteristics that we all have. Under the Equality Act, there are nine Protected Characteristics:

  1. Age
  2. Disability
  3. Gender reassignment
  4. Race
  5. Religion or belief
  6. Marriage or civil partnership
  7. Sex
  8. Sexual orientation
  9. Pregnancy and maternity


Under the Equality Act you are protected from discrimination:

  • When you are in the workplace
  • When you use public services like healthcare (for example, visiting your doctor or local hospital) or education (for example, at your school or college)
  • When you use businesses and other organisations that provide services and goods (like shops, restaurants, and cinemas)
  • When you use transport
  • When you join a club or association (for example, your local football club)
  • When you have contact with public bodies like your local council or government departments