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A BIG Barrow welcome to our new Reception children and their families.  The children are settling into school life well, learning new routines and building lovely friendships.  We have lots of exciting learning planned for this year, some of which will be adult led and some that will follow the interests of the children.  Please have a look at the long term plan on the curriculum page to see what we will be doing.  



Class Teacher: Mrs Cox

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Parkinson


Parent Information

PE: Lessons will be on a Wednesday 

Library: Thursday


Reading Homework

At Barrow, we feel passionately that the most significant thing that you, as parents can do to support your child's learning is to share books with them on a regular basis.  By this we mean reading to your child, listening to your child read and talking about what they have read.  Becoming a confident reader is hugely important - it allows a child to grow in confidence and access all areas of the curriculum.  

This reading journey begins in Reception through daily phonics sessions at school and a matched phonics book that will be sent home to practise and consolidate the sounds taught in class that week.  We ask that you spend 5-10 minutes reading this book at least 3 times per week.  The book can be split up over the week and will be swapped on a Monday in order to practise the next set of sounds taught that week.  It is vital that your child completes this book in order to keep up with the pace of the phonics program delivered in school.  

Once your child is able to blend 3 sounds together (this will happen at different times for different children) then a reading book (fiction/non-fiction) will also be sent home in addition to the phonics book. 

Your child will also receive a reading record which must be completed by an adult each time that they read at home.  Reading records will be checked each week by a member of staff.  We hope that by working together now, your child will develop the reading skills they need to become an independent and fluent reader in the future.