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Behaviour Curriculum

We're thrilled to announce that in February 2024, our school was awarded the GOLD level for the Behaviour Quality Mark Award! 🥇 A massive congratulations to everyone in the Barrow family! It's been heartwarming to see our school shine and showcase the incredible staff and children who embody 'The Barrow Way'. Let's continue to celebrate our success together!

The Quality Mark and moderation day focused on 8 key areas; School Culture, Policy, Relationships, Curriculum and Learning, Conduct (around school), Safety, Inclusion, Pupil Support and Intervention, Staff Support and Development.


Behaviour Lead: Mrs McArdle

At Barrow, we want to prepare our children for the life that lies ahead of them and believe that explicit teaching of outstanding behaviour is an integral part of this. Our curriculum, has been meticulously crafted to shape the character of our children, preparing them for a prosperous future. Central to this endeavour is our behaviour curriculum ‘The Barrow Way’. Within this curriculum, we impart exemplary conduct through clearly defined expectations, established routines, and ample opportunities for both our staff and children to practice, model, and refine these behaviours Our aim is for our children to grasp the how and why of behaviour and have frequent chances to put this knowledge into practice, so these behaviours become second nature in their daily lives. Our behaviour curriculum is thoughtfully designed to be inclusive, accommodating children from EYFS to Year Six, with adaptations made to cater to the unique needs of every child, including those with SEND and other additional requirements. Our commitment is to foster success in every child so they can ‘become the best that we can be’.