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As head teacher here at Barrow Primary School I would like to extend a very warm welcome to everyone who accesses this school website. You may be doing this to learn a little more about the school, the staff or the curriculum. You may wish to check term dates, latest newsletters or weekly spelling lists. You may wish to have a look at our latest prospectus or the most recent Ofsted report. All of this information and so much more, including pictures  of recent events involving our pupils both in and out of school, can be located on this newly updated website which we hope you will enjoy navigating.

We are proud of the school’s many achievements, which have been the result of hard work by a very professional team of staff, and an equally determined and enthusiastic group of children.

In our recent Ofsted inspection (May 2013), we were again rated as an outstanding school. We are delighted with our continued outstanding status but we are always looking for ways to make this school even better, whether it is from the curriculum or pastoral perspective or even the actual design of the building and school grounds themselves.

Working with parents is an essential prerequisite to helping us achieve this ambition as we believe that good strong partnerships, coupled with quality teaching and learning and high expectations at all times, will undoubtedly help pupils realise their full potentials, lead to higher levels of attainment, promote good citizenship and prepare pupils well for their secondary education. This website hopefully reflects that philosophy and commitment. My door is always open so please feel free to contact me about any of the detail on the site which I hope meets all of your needs.





This week is creativity week. We have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and his beautiful art work. We have been making 3D Sunflowers and Irises using felt and are sewing skills, we have had a great time. We have also been doing some practice sats papers as well as doing other fun things.

By Harley Parker & Niall Derbyshire Yr6 


Wc 10.03.14

This week has been great, we have been writing story openings, in my group (Cara’s) we have been doing a horror story about a girl named Erin who has triskaidekaphobia (the fear of the number 13)
And dark shadows have been haunting her on her 13th birthday. And in mine (Jack’s) it is about a man named David Shaw and he doesn’t believe in luck, but he won the lottery out of no where. Mrs Halstead has being pushing us loads lately as we have our SATS coming up soon.

By Cara Severns-Jones & Jack Ryden Yr6


Wc 03.03.14

We have been working hard rehearsing our assembly - To See the Rabbit by Alan Brownjohn. We can’t wait to perform it for everybody on Friday morning. At the moment, in music, we are learning about John Bon Jovi and their famous rock anthem -Living on a Prayer. The first time we listened to it we couldn’t resist standing up and dancing! Also, our display in the hall, decorated by Mrs Miller, is finished and it looks marvellous! In P.E we are playing volleyball, we are having lots of fun.

By Eva Turner & Harry Brooks Yr6 


 Wc 24.02.14

This week we have been focusing on poetry and drama in Literacy. Mrs Miller also put a display in the hall about “Britain in the 1948”.It looks really beautiful on the wall. You won’t have seen it yet, we just put it up today. Also this week our class did a game on the computer were we had to be Environmentalists where we had to stop either a flooding, a hurricane, wild fire and much more - this was linked to our Geography project. This has been a very fun week and we have enjoyed it a lot.

By Charlotte Hargreaves & Luqman Khan Yr6




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