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In our recent Ofsted inspection (May 2013), we were again rated as an outstanding school. We are delighted with our continued outstanding status but we are always looking for ways to make this school even better, whether it is from the curriculum or pastoral perspective or even the actual design of the building and school grounds themselves.

Working with parents is an essential prerequisite to helping us achieve this ambition as we believe that good strong partnerships, coupled with quality teaching and learning and high expectations at all times, will undoubtedly help pupils keep safe, realise their full potentials, lead to higher levels of attainment, promote good citizenship and prepare pupils well for their secondary education. This website hopefully reflects that philosophy and commitment.

Please read the school's statement Promoting British Values, which reflects our continued commitment to keep children safe from radicalisation, extremism and online threats.




 Wc o6.02.17
Continuing with our D.T (design and technology), we popped our balloons. Then we poured in some rice/dried peas and covered the hole with masking tape. Next we painted the shaker in white paint mixed with glue so that the papier- mache was nice and smooth.
(After it had dried) we painted it in our own various colours which were: red, orange, purple and blue. After a few hours we resumed our D.T by making a net to go on the balloon which had bells and beads. We tied loops on to the ends of the net so that it could be used as a decoration. Next we glued the net on to the shaker. We are all delighted with the results.
By Ewan & Vivan 


 wc 27.01.17
This week we have been designing our own musical instruments.
Then, in our sketch books we created our own designs and thought what we could add on to it to make it to absolute precision. We began by blowing the balloon up and then we tore chunks of newspaper that we had brought from home, in order to make little tiny pieces so we could stick them onto our balloons to make a papier-mache shell. The next day, we used flexible metal wires to make a steady, strong handle. 
By Rayhan & Thomas 


wc 16.1.17
On Monday and Tuesday we did Pips in the morning and answered questions about the poem Shroud. We also did Science and learnt about the heart and lungs. On Tuesday afternoon we had PE, French and PSHE. On Thursday we did an exercise experiment which we will finish on Friday and it is about which exercise makes the heart fitter and stronger.
By Lucie & Rohan 


wc 9.1.17
Last week we started to look at the GCSE poem Shroud and analysed the features of it. It turned out it was about a poor man dying on the streets. That afternoon, we started to look at our R.E topic of Buddhism and did a presentation and drawing about the wheel of life.  Later that week, we started our drama topic concerning poems; we did - My Dad Your Dad which consisted of an argument of whose dad was better (fatter, stronger, faster etc.). We hope this year will be even better than 2016!
By Abbas & Oliver


wc 19.12.16 

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