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Barrow Talk

Welcome to BARROW Talk, where young minds ignite ideas, inspire change, and speak their truth.

Inspired by TED talks, but designed for the children at Barrow. We're on a mission to empower children to find their voice, express themselves confidently, and captivate audiences with their brilliance. Join us as we cultivate a community of young speakers, each sharing their unique perspective and sparking innovation. Stay tuned as our lineup of BARROW Talks grows, offering a platform for young visionaries to shine. Interested in speaking or want to learn more about crafting a talk? Speak to Mrs McArdle or your class teacher.


Ideas for talks (but not limited to)..

"Why Being Kind Matters: Small Acts, Big Impact"

"The Power of Imagination: How Creativity Shapes Our World"

"Exploring Different Cultures: Embracing Diversity in Our School"

"From Trash to Treasure: The Importance of Recycling"

"Overcoming Challenges: How Perseverance Leads to Success"

"The Magic of Books: Why Reading Is Essential for Everyone"

"What Makes a True Friend? Nurturing Relationships in School"

"Saving Our Planet: Simple Ways Kids Can Help Protect the Environment"

"The Beauty of Differences: Celebrating Individuality in Our Classrooms"

"Finding Your Passion: Pursuing What Makes You Come Alive"