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Collective Worship

'I loved the warmth and energy in the room, which is a great reflection of the philosophy of the school.' - Parent Evaluation Response



At our Church School, the daily celebration of collective worship is a source of immense pride, unifying our school family through shared moments of reflection and devotion. Whether in the hall for whole-school worship or in individual classrooms, our altar, candles, prayers, and hymns create a sacred space. Classes take turns leading worship, fostering a sense of ownership and participation. Parishioners and ministers frequently contribute, enriching our collective experience. Our Friday Family Celebration Worship invites parents to join, enhancing our sense of community. Beginning each worship with a welcome prayer and lighting a candle sets the tone for a peaceful and spiritually fulfilling experience. Our children find solace, unity, and a sense of God's presence during these cherished moments of worship, where each week, we delve into profound 'Big Questions' aligned with our values and vision. Explore our Collective Worship Gallery and termly planners for a glimpse into the meaningful worships led by Mrs. McArdle, classes, and weekly visitors.



  Our Thursday Worship Team